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New National Permit System

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To facilitate uninterrupted movement of goods vehicles across the country, the New National Permit System was made effective from 8.5.2010 in accordance with Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, as amended on 7.5.2010. An electronic system of grant of national permits for goods carriages, developed by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, in consultation with National Informatics Centre, was implemented on 15.9.2010. The new system enables the permit holder to operate throughout the country on payment of a consolidated fee of Rs. 15,000/.

The transporters apply for a new national permit or renewal of old national permits in terms of the forms specified in the amended Central Motor Vehicle Rules. The transport authorities verify the content of the application and other relevant documents regarding the age of the vehicle, its fitness, insurance and taxes paid, and collect an authorisation fee. On verification of the application and other papers, the transport authorities upload the data on the national permit web portal and advise transporters to pay a consolidated fee. The consolidated fee can be deposited at any branch of State Bank of India. The transport authorities compile the information on permits issued/renewed on a monthly basis and submit to Transport Commissioners/Principal Secretaries of their States/Union Territories (UTs). The States/UTs forward the information to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. On verification of information received from the States/UTs, the funds are released to the States/UTs through Reserve Bank of India on a monthly basis. The share of States/UTs in the consolidated fee is fixed according to the notification dated 28.7.2010.

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