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Make in India Programme

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Make in India’ is a programme or more rightly a campaign launched by the Government on 25 September 2014 to project India as an investment destination and develop, promote and market India as a leading manufacturing destination and as a hub for design and information.

The programme aims to radically improve the Ease of Doing Business, open the FDI regime, improve the quality of infrastructure and make India a globally competitive manufacturing destination.

Make in India is essentially an invite to the foreign companies to come and invest in India on the back of the Government promise to create an environment easy for doing business. But contrary to public perception, no specific concessions have been offered to foreign investors under this scheme till date.

Rather it looks at general policy changes which hinges on new processes (say bettering ease of doing indicators), creation of new infrastructures (eg. industrial corridors), opening of new sectors (to FDI) and a new mindset (Government as a facilitator and not as a regulator). Twenty-five sectors have been identified for implementing "Make in India".

The programme is managed and facilitated by Invest India who runs a dedicated portal for handling business queries on Indian Government's regulatory policies.

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