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Annual Survey of Industries (ASI)

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Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is the principal source of industrial statistics in India providing information on important characteristics of registered manufacturing sector. ASI is considered as the most comprehensive and reliable source of organised manufacturing sector data providing disaggregated industry specific details of production, investment, employment and costs. It does not cover unorganised or unregistered or informal sector enterprises.

ASI is the main survey conducted by Central Statistics Office (CSO) Industrial Statistics (IS) wing. It ensures timely dissemination of statistical information to asses and evaluate the dynamics in composition, growth and structure of organized manufacturing sector.

The survey was conducted annually under the statutory provisions of the Collection of Statistics (COS) Act, 1953 and the rules framed thereunder in 1959. From 2010-11 onwards, the Survey is conducted annually under the statutory provisions of the Collection of Statistics Act 2008, and the Rules framed thereunder in 2011, except in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, where it is being conducted under the J&K Collection of Statistics Act, 2010 and rules framed thereunder in 2012.

ASI data comes with a lag of two years. Reference Year for ASI 2013-14 is the accounting year for the factory which is ending on 31 March 2014, while the survey would have been conducted in 2014-15. ASI data is available since 1959. It is possible to get the unit level data covered under ASI, without revealing the identity of the unit.

For the other category of factories/establishments, which are not covered under the ASI, the information is collected through the unorganised sector surveys conducted by National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) every 5 years. Therefore, the ASI and the unorganised sector surveys together cover the complete manufacturing sector.

Scope and Coverage

The ASI extends to the entire country. It covers all factories registered under Sections 2(m)(i) and 2(m)(ii) of the Factories Act, 1948, where the manufacturing process is defined under Section 2(k) of the said Act. The survey also covers bidi and cigar manufacturing establishments registered under the Bidi and Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) Act 1966. All electricity undertakings engaged in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, not registered with the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) are also covered under ASI. However, defence establishments, oil storage and distribution depots, departmental units such as railway workshops, RTC workshops, Govt. Mints, sanitary, water supply, gas storage etc. are excluded from the purview of the survey.

It was decided by the Standing Committee on Industrial Statistics (SCIS), that the coverage of ASI may be extended beyond the purview of the Section 2m (i) and 2m (ii) of the Factories Act, 1948 and the Bidi & Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) Act, 1966. To start with, the units with 100 or more employees, not registered under Section 2m (i) and 2m (ii) of the Factories Act, 1948 but registered under any of the seven Acts / Board / Authority viz., Companies Act. 1956, Factories Act. 1948 , Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, Societies Registration Act, Cooperative Societies Act, Khadi and Village Industries Board, Directorate of Industries (District Industries Center) in the Business Register of Establishments (BRE) as available with National Accounts Division and verified by Field Operations Division (FOD), are also considered for selection.

ASI results are published in two volumes. Volume I represents data relating to capital, employment, emoluments and several economic parameters relevant to industrial sector such as number of factories, fixed / working capital, total input, total output, depreciation, net value added etc. Volume II, which can be obtained as a CD disk from CSO, contains details on materials consumed and ex-factory value of products and by-products both at all India level and state/UT level. CSO also publishes “Summary results for factor sector” in its web page.


The Industrial Output data is captured and monitored, primarily, through two statistical activities:

(i) Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) on an annual basis and (ii) Index of Industrial Production (IIP) on a monthly basis.

The ASI is conducted under the Collection of Statistics Act, since 1959, to obtain comprehensive and detailed statistics of industrial sector with the objective of estimating the contribution of registered manufacturing industries as a whole to the national income. The IIP is compiled on the basis of data sourced from 14 ministries/ administrative departments. Data for IIP are collected by various source agencies under different Acts/statutes. Data received then undergo scrutiny and validation before finalisation. The output figures for compilation of IIP are authenticated by respective line Ministries/ departments and the ASI data is based on actual book of accounts and other documents maintained by registered factories.


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