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Indian Labour Conference (ILC)

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The Indian Labour Conference (ILC) is the apex level tripartite consultative committee in the Ministry of Labour & Employment to advise the Government on the issues concerning working class of the country.

As a matter of practice, and to maintain continuous dialogue with social partners, meetings of this apex body are convened once in a year to discuss the topical issues concerning labour.

The first meeting of the Indian Labour Conference (then called Tripartite National Labour Conference) was held in 1942 and as on July 2015 a total of 46 Sessions have been held.  The Agenda and Record of Discussions of the various ILC meetings may be seen here.

ILC plays a very important role in policy formulation. For instance, the norms recommended by the Indian Labour Conference, held in 1957, are taken into account while fixing the minimum wages even now. These recommendations are as follows:

Membership in ILC
All the 12 Central Trade Union Organisations, Central Organisations of employers, all State Governments and Union Territories and Central Ministries/Departments concerned with the agenda items, are the members of the ILC. 

Parity in number of representatives is maintained between the Employers’ and Workers’ Groups by allocation of equal number of seats to each Group.

As recommended by the National Labour Conference held in September 17-18, 1982, only Trade Union Organisations, which have, a membership of more than five lakhs, spread over four States and four industries are given representation in the ILC.

The Central Trade Union Organisations represented in ILC include –

The Employers Organisations represented in ILC include,

The Government seats are determined so as to give representation to various Central Ministries, State Governments and Union Territories.

India being a founding member of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and also a permanent member of the Governing Body since 1922 as a country of Chief Industrial importance is deeply committed to provide decent quality employment to the vast workforce in accordance with the Decent Work Agenda of the ILO.


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