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Functions of Planning Commission

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The functions of Planning Commission includes formulation of five-year plans, finalisation of plan discussions of the Central Ministries and States/UTs annually and conveying the plan requirement to the Ministry of Finance, clearance/grant of In-Principle approval for starting Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Schemes, appraisal of the Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Scheme before the scheme is cleared by the Expenditure Finance Committee under the Ministry of Finance.

Functions of Project Appraisal and Management Division in Planning Commission.

The Project Appraisal and Management Division (PAMD) in Planning Commission is the division that examines and appraises all new Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Schemes/projects before they are cleared by the FPC or Ministry of Finance or the subject Ministry which is dependent on the financial upper limit of the proposal. When an existing scheme is proposed to be revised even then the comments of PAMD is ascertained. PAMD prepares the Appraisal Report after seeking the comments of the Subject Division on the proposal.

Infrastructure Division in Planning Commission

The Government of India in 2004 approved a new funding pattern in plan implementation viz; Public Private Partnership. The Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Projects was managed by the PM’s Secretariat on Infrastructure set up in 2004 in Planning Commission. In July 2009 the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI) under the chairmanship of Prime Minister was set up to fast track implementation of infrastructure projects. This Committee clears infrastructure projects costing more than Rs.150 crores. The Infrastructure Division examines and appraises Infrastructure Projects proposed to be implemented through Public Private Partnership. The Infrastructure Division has framed the guidelines for examining these projects.

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