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Cabinet Committee on Investments (CCI)

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The Cabinet Committee on Investments (CCI) is a Cabinet Committee notified on 2 January 2013 to expedite decisions on approvals/clearances for implementation of major infrastructure projects. This is expected to improve the investment environment in the country by bringing transparency, efficiency and accountability in accordance of various approvals and sanctions.

Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Committee with 15 other Cabinet Ministers as Members and 4 other as special invitees. Details may be seen here.

CCI aims to identify key projects required to be implemented on a time-bound basis, involving investments of Rs. 1000 crore or more, or any other critical projects (as may be specified by the Committee), in sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing, etc. It can prescribe time limits for issue of requisite approvals and clearances by the Ministries/Departments concerned in respect of projects in identified sectors. CCI also monitors the progress and implementation of such identified projects.

CCI is empowered to review the procedures followed by Ministries/Departments to grant/refuse approvals and clearances and can take decisions regarding grant/refusal of approval/clearance of specific projects that are unduly delayed, if deemed necessary.

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