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Sarathi is a software package introduced in 2011 by National Informatics Centre and Ministry of Road Transport & Highways for the creation of a complete computerized database of driving licenses, conductors’ licenses, driving school licenses and fees. Since State Transport Departments adhere to State-specific regulations, besides Central Motor Vehicle Rules, Sarathi has been customized State-wise.

Sarathi envisages improved information availability of licenses, improved service delivery and access, plugging revenue leakages and enhancing transparency in the system. For the citizens, Sarathi offers a system of online license application submission and processing, application status tracking, fees payment and online renewal of licenses.

The database of Sarathi can be a useful tool for curbing traffic offences. This, in turn, would reduce the socio-economic cost of road accidents in India which has been estimated at 3 per cent of Gross Domestic Product by Planning Commission (Page 963, Tenth Five Year Plan, Volume II).

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