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National Mineral Exploration Trust

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National Mineral Exploration Trust (MET) is a Trust set up as a non-profit body by the Central Government for the purposes of regional and detailed exploration of minerals using the funds accrued to it and in such manner as prescribed by the Central Government.

The Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Amendment Act, 2015, (MMRDA) mandated the setting up of Mineral Exploration Trust. The Rules in this regard were notified by the Central Government on 14 August 2015.

The holder of a mining lease or a prospecting licence-cum-mining lease has to pay to the MET, two per cent of the royalty paid by it. Such contributions are made to the relevant state government along with royalty payments, and the state government, in turn, transfers the amount to MET.

State Governments are instructed to report the details of the royalty payments as well as the data on contribution to MET to the Indian Bureau of Mines.

NMET contribution is applicable with effect from 12.01.2015. As on 30.04.2016, a total Rs.168.38 crore has been received by NMET from States.

An inter-ministerial executive committee chaired by the Secretary of Ministry of Mines manages the day to day affairs of the Trust on the basis of the policies set by the Governing Board chaired by the Union Minister of Mines. Composition of Executive Committee and Governing board were notified on 14 August 2015

MET is similar to the District Mineral Foundation set up under the same Act, but with different rate of contribution (2% instead of 10-30%), level of operation (boosting exploration effort instead of enhancing welfare of the mining affected) and comes under different jurisdictional authorities (central Government instead of state governments)


Functions of MET
MET carries out regional (inter-state) and detailed exploration for minerals including those activities deemed necessary by the Governing Body of MET. Some such sanctioned activities include:

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