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National Food Processing Mission

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India cannot afford any waste of food grains, milk, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables due to lack of adequate processing facilities. Ministry of Food Processing Industries has launched a new scheme called National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) during 12th Plan (2012-13) for implementation through States / UTs. The basic objective of NMFP is to promote the growth of food processing industries in the country, by creating a National Mission at the Centre and State Missions in the various States/UTS. Better planning, supervision and monitoring of various schemes is expected through this decentralised approach. Food procesors in the private sector and co-operative sector will be encouraged and incentivised to increase capital outlay, use new technology , upgrade skills etc. Self help groups will be encouraged to become viable commercial entities. The other objectives are to raise the standards of food safety and hygiene to the globally accepted norms; to facilitate food processing industries to adopt HACCP and ISO certification norms; to augment farm gate infrastructure, supply chain logistic, storage and processing capacity and to provide better support system to organized food processing sector. State food processing missions have been created to implement the schemes.



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