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Internal Planning Commission (IPC)/Full Planning Commission (FPC) Meetings

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The Internal Planning Commission meeting is the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission and attended by the Members of Planning Commission. It is a weekly review meeting to take stock of the activities going on and also to take up new tasks. The Full Planning Commission meeting is the one taken by the Chairman, Planning Commission viz; the Prime Minister of India. This meeting is attended by the ex-officio Members of Planning Commission viz; the Union Minister for Finance, Union Minister for Home Affairs, Union Minister for Human Resources Development, Union Minister for Agriculture, Union Minister for Industry and Commerce, Union Minister for Rural Development among others. This meeting takes place once or twice a year to decide on policy matters of national importance like Approach Paper to Five Year Plan, Five Year Plan Document, Mid-term Appraisal of Five –Year Plans. Plan schemes exceeding Rs.250 crores also require Full Planning Commission approval, but this approval is taken through circulation if the FPC is not meeting immediately.

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