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Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA)

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CCEA has a mandate to review economic trends on a continuous basis, as also the problems and prospects, with a view to evolving a consistent and integrated economic policy framework for the country. It also directs and coordinates all policies and activities in the economic field including foreign investment that require policy decisions at the highest level.

Matters regarding fixation of prices of agricultural products as well as reviewing progress of activities related to rural development including those concerning small and marginal farmers are in CCEA’s competence.

Price controls of industrial raw materials and products, industrial licensing policies including industrial licensing cases for establishment of Joint Sector Undertakings, reviewing performance of Public Sector Undertakings including their structural and financial restructuring are also within the purview of CCEA, as are all matters relating to disinvestment including cases of strategic sale, and pricing of Government shares in Public Sector Undertakings (except to the extent entrusted to an Empowered Group of Ministers).

The CCEA also lays down priorities for public sector investment and considers specific proposals for investment of not less than specific levels (Rs. 3 Billion at present) as revised from time to time. It is important to note that the increase in the prices of essential commodities or bulk goods under any form of formal or informal control is decided by the CCEA, even as the CCP monitors the price behaviour of essential commodities, takes decision on supply, imports and exports of essential commodities and prices for articles sold through the public distribution system.

CCEA facilitates finalization of factual reports on the accomplishments of the Ministries, Agencies and Public Sector Undertakings involved in implementation of prioritized schemes or projects for evaluation by the Prime Minister. The CCEA also considers cases of increase in the firmed up cost estimates/revised cost estimates for projects etc. in respect of the business allocated to the CCEA.

On 2 January 2013, Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure was merged with CCEA.

On 10 June 2014, the Cabinet Committee on Prices, Cabinet Committee on Unique Identification Authority of India related issues and Cabinet Committee on World Trade Organization Matters were merged with CCEA, subject to condition that whenever necessary, full cabinet will take decision on the WTO related matters.

On 19 June 2014, CCEA was also reconstituted.

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